Matwork and Reformer classes in Hassocks, West Sussex

  • A Happy customer!

    "Since attending my first class sometime during Autumn 2019, I have really enjoyed Sally's Pilates classes. Sally herself is a big part of that as she is incredibly friendly, encouraging and despite being super flexible herself, doesn't assume that everyone else is and always demonstrates alternative options. The classes build on what you've done before so you'll never go to a class and have an exact repeat of a previous class, and it also lets you see how you've improved over time. I definitely feel like my core strength has improved since starting the classes and it's made me more aware of my posture, holding tension, and how to relax"


    Progression and INSPIRATION

    "I've attended Pilates classes for over 15 years. After a short gap, I started with Sally last October. I have progressed more significantly in the last 10 months of live and virtual classes, than in the previous 15 years! Sally is encouraging and inspirational and I look forward to continuing with her classes in September."



    "This young lady has changed my whole body and mind towards what Pilates is really about. Her classes are fun, dynamic and leave you feeling energized. From the moment the class begins to the moment it ends, it feels like the blink of an eye. I am in my 60's and my muscle tone is now what it was like age 34-40. Please try Sally out, you won't be disappointed. Thank you Sally."



    "Sally is an expert instructor and her classes are always very professionally run and challenging. Best of all her teaching style makes it a fun event as well as a good workout! My fitness levels, flexibility and stamina have all improved since I started. Exercises that I really struggled with 10 months ago have become easier with continued practice. Sally is always on hand to help you and is great at encouraging you to get the best out of yourself. She has helped me personally with a very painful knee problem which is now much improved and less painful. Sally’s classes have become an ‘unmissable event’ and I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone regardless of ability."


  • Group & online matwork classes in Hassocks, West Sussex

    Dropping in? Simply book your preferred class below and pay online or on arrival.

    Want to sign up for a group of sessions? Classes run in half-termly blocks and offer a 20% discount for block booking. Contact Sally to book.
  • COVID-19 Information

    • Small class sizes mean your mat will always be an appropriate distance from your neighbours' 
    • Studios are well ventilated and have an enhanced cleaning regime between classes 
    • Please bring your own mat as there will be none available to borrow
    • Please feel free to bring your own Pilates Small Ball and Mini Bands if you'd rather. Any borrowed small equipment will be cleaned between classes. There will always be variations which need no equipment. 
    • Please try to arrive for class already dressed in comfortable clothing, as changing rooms may not be available or may be at reduced capacity, and bring some water with you 
    • Online payment is available and encouraged when possible
    • Please don't come to class if you are feeling unwell
  • FAQ's

    Anything else you need to know? Have a read below or get in touch

    How do I book?

    You can book a single class by using the online form above, and either pay online or on arrival. Pilates At Home (online classes) must be paid online before attendance.

    Do I have to book in advance?

    Yes, as classes are sometimes full, please make sure you have booked your place using the online form before coming along.

    I'm a beginner - can I come to a class?

    Yes! My classes cater to mixed abilities, as Pilates exercises can be adapted in so many ways. You'll be really welcome - classes are always friendly and fun, as well as working you hard! If you are a total beginner, why not try my Wednesday morning beginners class at 10.45?

    Can I book a block of classes?

    Yes - classes run in half termly blocks, and you will get a 20% discount when you sign up to the whole half term (about 6/7 weeks). As well as a discount on the cost, booking into a block of classes will save your space each week, and allow me to keep class prices low and plan great sessions for regular clients.

    Why should I come to Pilates?

    Pilates works on "core strength", alongside mobility, coordination, posture, and overall strength. The focus on breathing can help with both energy and relaxation. Improving your posture and muscle tone can help you feel great about yourself. Getting stronger makes everything - from sport to everyday life - better and easier. Sounds pretty good, right?

    I'm injured - can I come?

    If you are currently working with an injury, please drop me a line first so we can chat through what will work for you. Pilates can be beneficial for recovery from many injuries, but everyone is different - it may be a good idea to start with a 1-2-1 session before joining a class, depending on how you're doing.

    Will I find Pilates boring... or too easy?

    I doubt it! Pilates encompasses so many things - and it isn't only about "lying on a mat" as many people may think! My classes use small equipment for resistance and balance work, and we apply the principals of Pilates to all sort of movements, both static and standing. If you want a challenge, you'll get one - Pilates is used by professional ballet dancers, athletes, Olympic teams, and sports people in all fields who have learned how much it benefits them.

  • any questions?

    If you have any other questions, or would like to have a chat about Pilates and fitness, just get in touch!

    I will be really happy to help.