group classes and1-2-1 tuition

    Hitchin, letchworth and London

    PILATES is a great workout for your whole body, building strength, mobility and coordination - things which we all need in our everyday lives, or to enhance athletic or dance performance.


    Sally is a fully qualified Pilates instructor with a background in professional dance and theatre, as well as working in elite dance healthcare in London.


    Check below for more details and to book your class in Hitchin, Letchworth or London.

  • fun, friendly and energising pilates classes in letchworth and Hitchin

    Come along and join a small, friendly class in Hitchin or Letchworth.


    Sally's varied classes aim to leave you feeling strong, balanced, challenged and energised - whether you are new to Pilates or more advanced.


    A mixture of matwork and small equipment will keep things interesting - and don't expect to spend the whole session lying down!


    Matwork classes - £10 booked online, £12 on the door. Block booking discounts available.


    DEAL: 50% off your first class

  • crosstrain with pilates - for runners and sporty people

    PILATES could enhance your sport performance - by building strength, mobility and coordination, and helping you recover from injury.


    Either join one of Sally's matwork classes, or arrange a one-to-one or small group session.


    Split the cost of one-to-one tuition between up to five participants - perfect for teams or running buddies who want a tailored class.


    1-2-1/Small group - £45 per hour (from £5 per person). Block booking discounts available.


    DEAL: 50% off your first session

  • specialised pilates for performers

    Sally offers specialised Pilates for dancers, singers, actors and musicians, to enhance training, recovery, and wellbeing.


    Either join a class if you are local, or get in touch to arrange a session in central London.


    Sally will travel to your theatre/venue/workplace and can arrange 1-2-1, small group, or whole cast Pilates sessions or workshops - with the aim of helping you get the most out of your performing career.


    Sally has previously worked in elite ballet healthcare, as well as as a performer and dance captain in numerous musicals.


    Performer sessions - from £5 - £45 per person

  • FAQ's

    Anything else you need to know? Have a read below or get in touch

    I'm a beginner - can I come to a class?

    Yes! My classes cater to mixed abilities, as Pilates exercises can be adapted in so many ways. You'll be really welcome - classes are always friendly and fun, as well as working you hard!

    Why should I come to Pilates?

    Pilates works on "core strength", alongside mobility, coordination, posture, and overall strength. The focus on breathing can help with both energy and relaxation. Improving your posture and muscle tone can help you feel great about yourself. Getting stronger makes everything - from sport to everyday life - better and easier. Sounds pretty good, right?

    How do I book?

    You can book using my simple online platform - just click here. If you don't want to or aren't able to book online, you can send me an email and we can sort something else out.

    When do I arrive?

    Please fill in the New Client Questionnaire before you come along. It would be great if you could arrive ten minutes early for your first class to say hello! Signs will be available to point you the right way. After that, latecomers will be admitted at my discretion.

    I'm injured - can I come?

    If you are currently working with an injury, please drop me a line first so we can chat through what will work for you. Pilates can be beneficial for recovery from many injuries, but everyone is different - it may be a good idea to start with a 1-2-1 session before joining a class, depending on how you're doing.

    Will I find Pilates boring... or too easy?

    I doubt it! Pilates encompasses so many things - and it isn't only about "lying on a mat" as many people may think! My classes use small equipment for resistance and balance work, and we apply the principals of Pilates to all sort of movements, both static and standing. If you want a challenge, you'll get one - Pilates is used by professional ballet dancers, athletes, Olympic teams, and sports people in all fields who have learned how much it benefits them.

    Do I have to book in advance?

    You don't have to commit or pay in advance, but please get in touch to check that there is space in the class if you're thinking of dropping in. It will be £12 to drop in (£10 if you book in advance). Please make sure you either fill in the New Client Questionnaire, or arrive at least 15 minutes early to your first class to fill in a health form.

  • any questions?

    If you have any other questions, or would like to have a chat about Pilates and fitness, just get in touch!

    I will be really happy to help.